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We are a successful, publicly listed, global organisation that helps consumers and clients make better decisions. Our vision is for our people, data and technology to become a necessary part of every major consumer economy.

Each year we look beyond the past year’s accomplishments and develop strategic plans that focus on creating premium growth into the future.

We aim to:

  • make the most of our key strengths, by focusing on data and analytics;
  • drive profitable growth, by prioritising our best opportunities; and
  • make the best use of our capital, by balancing strategic investments with capital returns to shareholders

We see many opportunities for using our strengths in data and analytics to grow profitably and responsibly. The best of these opportunities lie in expanding into new customer segments, developing new products and extending our operations geographically. We carefully prioritise our strategic investments in these areas to achieve maximum returns, and we complement organic investment with acquisitions. Our strategy is delivered by our people and we aim to continuously improve how we operate and work together.

For further information on our approach to strategy see our 2014 Annual Report